Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Assessing January Goals, Setting February Goals

My goals for January were relatively modest but even so I had a problem meeting them all.  I have been dealing with the lingering effects of the flu/virus/mega-cold/whatever that struck me down in December.  I just haven't gotten completely back to normal.  Lethargic, cranky, unmotivated: that's been me for the past few weeks.  Everything seems to take such effort and there's just no dredging up the energy for said effort.

2013 Challenge: WIPs & UFOs. Continue to work on Midnight Moogies.  I have far exceeded my own expectations in this regard, having only about 30% of the stitching on this very old UFO left to go.  When I picked it up for the first time since 2006, back in Dec. 2012, I had nearly 70% of the stitching left to do.  I am hoping to finish this piece in February.
2013 Class Project Challenge.  Continue work on Mystic Smalls Projects. No. 
Town Square SAL.  Stitch The Frame Shop. No.
Sewing and Assembly Finishes.   Complete three.  Yes, technically, but such small items that they really shouldn't count.

FEBRUARY GOALS:  February will be a short month but I am keeping my goals consistent with last month's goals.  It should be a pretty manageable schedule and I hope to continue to make steady progress on realistic goals.
2013 Challenge: WIPs & UFOs. Finish work on Midnight Moogies.  Time permitting resume work on the Jacobean Elegance Afghan.
2013 Class Projects Challenge.  Continue Work on Mystic Smalls projects.
Town Square SAL.  Stitch The Frame Shop.
Sewing and Assembly Finishes.  Complete three.

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Vickie said...

Wouldn't that be great if you did finish it in February? Go on and try!