Sunday, January 13, 2013

Moving on to the next January Goal

This has been a dismal Sunday.  The trip to morning Mass was complicated by a really dense fog.  I'd estimate the visibility at about five or six car lengths.  A real pea soup of a fog!  Even though we live only three blocks from the Hudson River, such dense fog is quite unusual and probably a result of the unseasonably warm temperatures for January, about 48 degrees F.  I had to serve as lector at the 11:30 Mass and then run to the grocery store for a few necessities ... all of which tended to split up my day into pieces too short for any big projects.  And I am still feeling tired from the Friday-Saturday marathon of prepping for and then running a retreat for the second graders about to make their First Confession later this month.  A nap seems in order.

As the weekend winds down, I am finally abandoning Midnight Moogies after a little more than a month's exclusive stitching.  I have continued to work on the grey border at the top of the design and am making some headway.  But I am a slow stitcher, averaging 6-8 cross stitches a minute.  Given that there are 11 rows, each 230 stitches wide, and that I have only stitched three and a half rows; it will take me a little more than 5 hours to finish the top section of border.  I am not even thinking ahead to the side and bottom borders.  I look at this project and I think to myself that I am almost done and a quick glance at the progress photos makes that seem reasonable.  But I  have quite a bit left to stitch when you really look at the piece.  There's all the flora at the bottom of the design and the borders.  I am estimating that there is something between 35% and 40% left to stitch. And apart from some planned time stitching on it in a doctor's waiting room on Monday morning while I wait for my husband to have a procedure, I'll be setting this project aside for a while to work on my remaining January goals of the Victoria Sampler Mystic Smalls and the Town Square SAL The Frame Shop.  I may post a photo of the cats tomorrow if I make noticeable progress on the border.  Otherwise, you will see it again in February.

I picked up Midnight Moogies for the first time since 2006 on December 9, 2012.  So, all things considered, I am quite happy with the progress I have made on Midnight Moogies since turning the UFO > WIP.  Still, I am quite ready for a change of pace.


Linda said...

Oh my Regina. You call 6 - 8 stitches per minute slow. I would quit eating if I could stitch that fast. I'm lucky to do 2 maybe 3 a minute. Moogies is looking great. You'll be ready to work on it after you take a break from it.


Casa Pearl said...

We had an incredibly foggy day too - it just never burned off. Probably because it was so weirdly warm with snow on the ground. I'm sure when you pick your cats back up, they will go quickly to a finish.

Vickie said...

Regina, I am a slow stitcher too. I think you have done fabulously well on the Moogies. Love them.