Monday, January 21, 2013

No Credibility Left Here

I am tired of Midnight Moogies!  No, I'm not! Yes, I am!  No, definitely not!  In any case, I am still stitching Midnight Moogies, so you figure it out.  I am done trying to analyze my choices in regards to this project.  I have passed beyond my own understanding.

That being said, I do want to thank those kind readers who commented that they are not bored with the cats and enjoy seeing my progress on them.  Since I am currently working on the border, I can't claim that this progress photo will add much in the way of eye appeal.  Just more and more grey, no eye-popping color.  But as I said in an earlier post, I have become obsessed and here is the result.

It is interesting that while I am so thoroughly engrossed with the Moogies that I happened to come across this version of the same project on the 123stitch message board.  Lesley very graciously allowed me to post her photo here.  It just goes to show that two stitchers can make choices that change the whole look of a piece.  We used the same starting point but ended up in completely different places.  While I am very satisfied with my choice, I also find Lesley's choice fantastic.  The grey fabric gives the piece an other-worldly look that is fascinating.  And if you look carefully, you'll see that Lesley used black for the buildings while I used the charted DMC 823.  It may be a trick of the light or the difference between two cameras but it also looks as though Lesley went a few shades darker on some of the cats.  It just goes to show the power of color to change the mood of a piece.  If this weren't such a time consuming piece, I might be tempted to stitch a second version on grey linen ... but I have way too many other projects on hand to even consider a "do over."


CalamityJr said...

Interesting what a difference the fabric color makes. While both are lovely, I still prefer yours!

Linda said...

Oh wow Regina. What a difference the fabric makes. I love both of them. Great progress on yours.


Claire said...

Wow they both look really good.