Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Month Nearly Gone

I wonder where the time goes!  As I grow older, it seems to pass ever more quickly.  And with just a little more than a week left in this month, I have yet to decide just how I plan to meet my remaining monthly goals. I have done a pretty good job on Goal #1, Midnight Moogies: making considerable progress on it since I first picked up the piece in December, probably one of my oldest UFOs that is not a class piece.   The top of the border is finished and I have made decent progress on the right side of the border.  Goal #3, finishing and/or assembling three stitched objects, has also been successfully met since I have done the sewing or assembly finishes on 3 ornaments and one candle mat.  So, it is time to move on to Goals 2 and 4, the Mystic Smalls and the Town Square SAL.

So here's the plan:

First up, The Town Square SAL The Frame Shop:  I'll be using a pale blue linen just as I have for all the other pieces in the series [some have been Starquest, others have been Meditation] and will be using the recommended GAST and WDW fibers with the exception of a very few not in my stash for which I will choose substitutes from what I actually have in stash.  That way there will be no waiting for one or two skeins to arrive before starting on the piece.  And it'll be much more economical, as well ... an important  consideration since my husband was laid off before Thanksgiving.

And then, the Mystic Smalls Scissor Fob.  I am deliberately choosing one of the smaller pieces in this class series that doesn't have any hardanger stitches.  I'll hold off on tackling hardanger again till I can take some quality time and sit down and read and reimmerse myself in the class materials.

One really nice thing about this past weekend was that it was one day longer than I had expected it to be.  I work Mon-Thurs, so all my weekends are three days long.  But I forgot all about Martin Luther King Day until just yesterday ... a four day weekend, woo hoo!  I can't remember exactly when we started celebrating MLK day but it was a "late" arrival in my lifetime and not part of my childhood/early adulthood pattern.  So, I hope I may be excused for forgetting about it.  The fact that it was also Inauguration Day this year is neither here nor there, so far as I am concerned.  It just doesn't seem to matter who is in office or what party has a majority in Congress.  As a cranky old lady I am entitled to the cynical belief that all politicians are piratical bastards without enough moral fiber among them all to furnish an amoeba with a viable conscience.


Linda said...

The time does certainly fly by as you get older - I can't believe we are almost at the end of January. You've done really well with the Moogies - good luck with your SAL and smalls - you've already achieved a great deal this month.

Margaret said...

As I'm not American I can confess to little interest in the Inauguration but I did like the coats that Michelle Obama and her daughters were wearing :-)

Maggee said...

This is my first visit to your blog, but I will be a follower now. Partly because I love that Moogies piece, and partly because my sister and I BOTH loved your sentence about politicians! And now as I have read more, I'm staying!!! Hugs!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yes time sure does fly lately!!!

You've gotten a lot accomplished this month and it sounds like you've got a firm plan put together!