Monday, December 24, 2012

Moving Along on Midnight Moogies

I know that one doesn't usually post twice in one day but I did want to get another progress photo of Midnight Moogies on the blog before Christmas.

I have stitched with DMC 823 quite a bit earlier last week as I had been working on the shadowy houses and trees that form the backdrop of Midnight Moogies.  And I earned the right to stitch in a color, albeit a dark one, by working another inch or so of black checkerboard border.   I did have to do a bit of frogging where a poorly designed color chart led me astray [see Monday's post].  But that is taken care of and all is right with the world again.   I stitched the smaller shooting star yesterday.  That is after I have stitched the now mandatory two 18" lengths of black on the checkerboard border.  Then it was on to one of the last two cats.  This piece has been languishing at the back of my stitching center for nearly 6 years.  I am amazed by the steady progress I have made since picking it up again.  So, now at the end of the first day of my Christmas recess, having treated myself to many hours of stitching, here is the latest progress photo.

I am also amazed that the impulse that had me choosing to stitch Midnight Moogies in the first place remains steady,  in spite of it being so very different from my usual choices.  So many people talk about how much their tastes have changed over the years.  But my tastes tend to remain fairly stable ... apparently, even when I go off my own beaten track.  When I look over my list of UFOs in the sidebar, I can honestly say that there is only one that I have truly lost interest in: the filet lace piece.  But I will probably make an attempt to finish that one, too, if only to master the technique.  Oh, it will be the last one on the list that I tackle, my lowest priority.  But it won't be booted off the island!

I had planned on making Midnight Moogies and the English Band Sampler my focus pieces for the 10 day Christmas recess.  But I have succumbed to a nasty flu combined with sinus infection.  I may not be able to concentrate on much stitching at all for a few days.  Who knows, I may or may not have another finish or two before year's end!  


Linda said...

Hope your cold and sinus bug soon clear up for you to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Vickie said...

Good morning Regina. It is looking lovely. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time off.

Rachel S-H said...

Looking good!