Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 Stash Accounting

As of July, I had spent  approximately $194 on stitching related purchases.  But, as usual, things heated up a bit in the Fall.  I attended the Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway in October and there were costs associated with it: paying for my admission fee and class kit.  Then, of course, there were the visits to the on site shop set up by Chris' Collection.  This was my only opportunity all year to shop brick and mortar style, to actually see and touch potential purchases.  I must say I exercised considerable restraint, all things considered.  As you can see by comparing this year's expenditures to the last two for which I have kept records, I have been stitching from stash almost exclusively.  My biggest ticket items this year have been reference books and a stitching retreat.  In 2010, I spent a total of $630.97 and in 2011, I spent $981.26.  I spent just a little over half of last year's figure, this year.  I expect 2013 expenditures will be modest as well.  With my husband being laid off just two years prior to retirement age, money will be tight for a while as we wait to access our retirement savings and pensions and SS without penalties for early withdrawal.   No need for sympathy though, we are better off than a great many people in this dreadful economy.  I could probably continue to stitch from stash for at least a decade, so I don't anticipate having to give up one of my favorite pastimes.  I guess that's what building a decent stash is all about anyway ... providing for one's golden years.  Of course, I will be working for another four and a half years before I can retire ... perhaps even longer, who knows.

2012 Expenditures:
On Charts:    $  6.29
On Fibers:    $ 11.50
On Fabrics:   $ 28.01
On Embellishments [Beads, buttons]:  $0.00
On Tools and Accessories:  $ 22.50
On Framing: $0.00
On Books, Magazines and Subscriptions:  $185.98
On Classes and Retreats:  $ 250.00
Shipping/Handling/Insurance  $ 10.69
Memberships in stitching organizations: $60.00
Total   $  574.97

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Vickie said...

You are so very organized! A Blessed, Merry Christmas to both of you!