Friday, December 28, 2012

Assessing December Goals, Setting January Goals

     I thought a ten day holiday for Christmas would allow for quite a lot of stitching time but there was a nasty bug going around that combined body aches, sinus infections, headaches, fevers and brochitis symptoms.  Once I was laid low, stitching time was not really an option.  So my goals met with very limited success.
    2010-2011 WIPs:  Embellish another area on the Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square, finish the needlebook and slip Midnight Moogies back into the rotation, even though that would put three BAPs in the rotation.   Spent a great deal of time on Midnight Moogies,  completing all the black outline stitching, the purple and lavender border stitching, some of the white checkerboard stitching, all of the navy blue shadow house stitching, the small shooting stars and the Van Gogh-esque  swirly stars and  got a good start on the third colorful cat.
   2012 Crazy Class Project Challenge:  Continue to work on the Victoria Sampler's Mystic Smalls projects,  starting the fob and scissor case.  NO.
 2012 WIPs: Finish Part II of The English Band Sampler and continue stitching TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking, finishing page 7 and starting page 4.   Stitch the last three La-D-Da Christmas Cardinal ornaments.  Completed two more Christmas Cardinal ornaments.
     Town Square SAL: stitch the Fiber Shop and the Frame Shop.  NO.
     Sewing Finishes: Try to get all the accumulated Christmas ornaments assembled and finished.  AND NO YET AGAIN.

    2010-12 UFO/WIPS:  Continue to work on Midnight Moogies.
     2013 Crazy Class Project Challenge:  Continue to work on Mystic Smalls.
     Town Square SAL:  Stitch The Frame Shop.
     Sewing and Assembly Finishes: Do three.

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Linda said...

I love Midnight Moogie. Would you be willing to see the magazine when you are done with Moogie. Or, can you tell me the issue/date of the magazine so I can see if I can find it.

Thanks for your help.

Happy New Year