Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Goals

I have been trying to frame my goals more realistically over the past few years.  I have a tendency to be far too optimistic when it comes to predicting what I can accomplish in a given time span.  But advancing age has a way of forcing one to face facts.  So my goals for 2013 are very similar to the ones for 2012.   In fact, many of the 2013 goals are a continuing effort to reach targets set last year.
  • 1. Continue My Own Class Project Crazy Challenge: Begun last year, this challenge involves working  on unfinished class pieces from 2005-date.  I did manage to complete two of the class projects,  each of which had multiple pieces.  And I started work on a third project.  But six and a half remain.  So this will continue to be a focus this year.
  • 2. BAP 2013: Adapt and stitch the Dimensions Woodland Maiden into a Christmas Stocking for Piper by Christmas 2013.  Finish the Teresa Wentzler Woodland Angel for Liam.  And find an appropriately woodland/medieval chart for Rocco's stocking with a view to having it stitched by Christmas 2014.  Check out the Best of TW Fantasy book for possible subjects.
  • 3.  Continue to work on paring down the UFO/WIP list from 2012.  I finished 7 from this list but 8 still remain.  And, of course, those eight remaining projects from last years' UFO/WIP are now joined by two unfinished starts from 2012:  The English Band Sampler and the TW Woodland Angel Stocking.  I know this last project is also mentioned in the previous category but I am going for full disclosure here.
  • 4. Limit new starts severely.  In fact, get used to imagining the class projects and UFOs are new starts, since for all practical purposes, most are old enough to be new again.
  • 5.  Stitch one ornament a month from the 2006 Indy Town Square SAL.
  • 6.  Limit stash purchases to fabric, fiber and tools needed to complete charts on hand.
  • 7.  Continue to blog regularly, aiming for every other day.
  • 8.  Make an effort to catch up on sewing and framing finishes.
  • 9.  Inventory and declutter existing stash.
  • 10.  Switch  EGA membership to cyber-stitcher and take a class at that level. 
    I figure I have my work cut out for me when I consider that the projects involved in Goal #s 1 and 3 by themselves add up to fourteen projects ...  especially when you factor in the data that three of the projects have multiple parts [The Brightneedle Haunted Etui & Stitching Accessories and the Victoria Sampler Sturbridge Stitching Box & Accessories as well as the Victoria Sampler Mystic Smalls] and two more qualify as bonafide BAPs [the Jacobean Elegance Afghan and the Midnight Moogies].  Add in the additional BAPs from Goal #2 and I am forced to wonder if I will have time to add in any new pieces in 2013 over and above the Town Square SAL ornaments.


Sarah Beth said...

What is the Indy town square sal? By Indy do you mean Indianapolis? I live near there and would like to join if you'll show me where. Good luck on your goals. I'm doing BAP as well.:-)

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Great for setting goals for 2013 that are reachable. I have also tried to do that.
Happy new year.

Susieq said...

Good Luck with the goals in 2013. I'll look forward to your stitching finishes.

Linda said...

I am sure you will try hard to achieve your goals - remember stitching is meant to be a pleasure so enjoy the times when you do put some stitches in as ultimately you will get there. Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've just read all three Goals posts and really enjoyed them! It's great because I can envisage the projects you're working on since they're so familiar through your blogging.

I love setting myself goals, meeting them is a bonus!