Saturday, December 29, 2012

Assessing 2012 Goals

  • It is time to look back on the achievements and failures of 2012.

  • 01. My Own Crazy Challenge: work on unfinished class pieces from 2005-date.  So far I have completed the three pieces from the 2006 CATS Phyllis Moore Class in Japanese Kogin stitching, a tea cozy and two stylized Christmas Tree  ornament; two pieces from Sandie Vandoval's 2008 Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Christmas Sampler and Ornament kit; and one of the six Thea Dueck's 2007 Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway Mystic Smalls  - a stitcher's pocket.  Clearly this challenge will have to continue into 2013.
  • 02.  Work up a list of UFOs and WIPs going into 2012 and work systematically to finish those projects.  As of today, I have completed 7 of the 15 projects on this list and am well on my way to finishing another.  The finished pieces are Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, Prairie Grove Peddler Lighthouse Candle Mat, Papillion Creations The Peacock, My own design -  Riona's Book Nook Bookmark, Better Homes and Garden's Tooth Fairy Pillow.  And Vivienne Powers' Midnight Moogies is very near completion.  Again, this is a challenge that will continue in 2013.
  • 03. Complete three BAPs: TW's Tracery Dragons, TW's Woodland Angel Stocking for Liam and The Woodland Maiden Stocking for Piper.  I have finished TW's Tracery Dragons, and have begun work on Liam's TW stocking.  One off-goal BAP that I completed was Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie.
  • 04. Limit new starts to one for every two UFO/WIPs completed.  I have kept to this for the most part.  I earned starts by completing pieces from my class list project list and WIPs going into 2012 list in the sidebar.  The 2012 new starts have been smalls mostly, little instant gratification projects that have kept my motivation high as I work on larger and more time consuming projects.  The smalls were a set of 7 of the Merry Mystic ornaments designed by Sue Donnelly [and my own variations], Aury's 2012 Quaker heart [I have been stitching these as long as Aury has been offering them], Dinky Dyes Celtic Bookmark.  A mid-sized piece was The Primitive Needle's Thy Needle and an off-goal BAP: SANQ's The English Band Sampler which I couldn't resist.
  • 05. Stitch a few more Heart ornaments for the Anniversary-Valentine's Day tree.  This simply didn't happen.
  • 06. Stitch one ornament a month from the 2006 Indy Town Square SAL.  A disappointment here: I got so preoccupied with finishing up the projects from my WIP/UFO and Class Projects lists that I only really began working on these in late September.  So far I have finished Barb Allen's Antique Samplers Shop, The Primitives Shop from Prairie Grove, The Book Shop from Mosey and Me, JABCo's Button Shop
  • 07. Limit stash purchases to fabric, fiber and tools needed to complete charts on hand.  Okay, I bought two charts:  Cedar Hills Briar Patch Rabbit and Homespun Elegance's Owl's Night Out and one more Mystic Stitcher's Hideaway class project, The Lady Washington Sampler by Dawn Fisher.  Like I really need another class project what with all the ones remaining on my class list Crazy Challenge.  But other than that I kept to the plan.  See my annual stash budget report which was posted 12-24=12.
  • 08. Continue to blog regularly, aiming for every other day.  After a brief summertime absence, I have blogged daily frequently enough to bring my average up to nearly every other day with 179 posts out of a possible 365.
  • 09. Make an effort to catch up on sewing and framing finishes.  I have completed  13 sewing finishes.
  • 10. Inventory and declutter existing stash.  This was a project I saved for my Christmas vacation project but ended up not getting to it because of the flu.  
  • 11. Attend an EGA chapter meeting as a member-at-large or take an on-line course.  I never did get around to this but I do believe I will change my membership to Cyber status and start taking classes that way in 2013.
          That's it for the stated goals.  Now for an actual count:
          FINISHES, Smalls: 26
          FINISHES, Medium Projects: 6
          FINISHES, BAPs: 4

         Certainly not as good as some years but not so terrible either!

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Linda said...

Looks like you had a very productive year. Good luck with next years goals.