Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Black Nights and Dark Days

No, I haven't spiraled down into deepest depression.  I have merely been working on Midnight Moogies.  I didn't quite manage to finish the black stitching of the design element outlines as planned over the weekend.  Blame Netflix!  As some of my readers may remember, my husband and I discontinued cable service some 20 years ago and do not get any TV reception at all.  So we select what we will watch, movies and TV-on-DVD, through our Netflix subscription. Three DVDs of Castle episodes arrived in the mail on Saturday and I became engrossed.  I have enjoyed Nathan Fillion's work ever since Serenity.   I  accidentally stumbled on the Castle series while on vacation last Summer and Bill and I have been catching up with the series ever since.  True, it is light-hearted fluff rather in the tradition of The Thin Man-Moonlighting-Remington Steele-Bones and such like piffle.  It neither improves the mind nor inspires the soul.  But it is fun!  I enjoy the repartee, the near misses in the relationships, the interactions among the supporting cast [you gotta love Martha].  As I watched the episodes, I tried to stitch.  Really, I did!  But I'd get caught up in the convoluted blend of police procedural and sheer silliness that is Castle and soon my hands would still.

But today has been different.  The DVDs have been mailed back to Netflix and there are no longer any distractions.  I am moving along my black path.  In the past week, I have used up two full skeins of DMC 310 and am well into my third.   I have two more skeins in reserve for the black portion of the checkerboard border.  And I have five skeins of DMC 169 held in reserve for the outermost border.  This particular designer makes the stitcher pay for the joy of using the bold flashes of color in the central design by stitching almost endlessly in black and grey.  I'd make a bet that this designer does not stitch her own models!  Anyway, I'll post another progress photo once I have stitched the remaining black outlines ... probably by Thursday morning..

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