Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wrapping Wentzler Week

It's been an exhilarating ride: starting one week ago I picked up The Woodland Angel and I have worked on it steadily for 8 days.  And it looks like the ride will continue.  Tomorrow I am taking my husband in for same-day surgery, removal of his gall bladder.  I expect to be at the hospital from 6am till around 4pm.  His surgery is set for 8am and I expect he'll be in a room from about noon to four, recovering enough for the drive home.  Since I expect to be in waiting rooms and hospital rooms for extended periods of time, I think I'll bring the stocking and Primitive Needle's Thy Needle and a book to while away the waits.

I figure I'll put the angel down on Friday.  I have been working on section 8 and have finished the bottom of the angel's robes and have gotten back to working on the snow and the woodland creatures standing about in it.  The turtledoves in the lower right corner of the stocking, small as they are, barely an inch square, each have a dozen colors and color combinations in them.  So I am slowing down a bit after the larger color sweeps, relatively speaking, of the robe.  And once I start the snow and dried grass, it's right back to confetti stitching.  Which will mean even slower progress.  So a change of pace is not really a bad idea.

When next Wednesday rolls around, I hope to extend my Wentzler Wednesday into a more modest three day stitch rather than the 9 day marathon I will be completing tomorrow.  That way I can attend to the other pieces in my rotation and still manage to make acceptable progress on the stocking.  At this rate I can be reasonably certain I'll meet my goal of finishing section 8 this month and I may even manage to anticipate October's goals by making a good start on section 7.  I am beginning to believe I may actually finish this stocking in time for Christmas 2012.  


Vickie said...

Riona, I have prayed for your husband. I am sure you will get much done tomorrow.

Erica said...

Hope all goes well for your husband, and he has a speedy recovery.
Good luch trying to get any stitching done in the hospital. It probably would work better than reading to get your mind off things!

Sharon said...

Praying for your hubby...your stitching is just lovely! :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Hope your husband's surgery goes swimmingly.