Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am closing in on another finish.  For the last few days I have been working on the Stitcher's Pocket from Victoria Sampler's Mystic Smalls and am getting tantalizingly close to a finish.  I have done all the cross-stitching, satin stitching, long stitching and back stitching.  I am currently working on the buttonhole stitch edging and am very nearly through with that.  All that will remain after the edging is done will be the ribbon embroidery roses and leaves and the beading on the back panel. I hope to finish it up today since Wentzler Wednesday is looming up on the horizon again.

My plan for the remainder of the week:
Today: The Stitcher's Pocket
Wed-Fri: TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking
Sat-Sun: The English Band Sampler

I have managed to resist the temptation to start a Christmas ornament just to have a finish and I feel my will power has been rewarded  by the steady progress on the Stitcher's Pocket.  It will be very satisfying to add another finish date notation to the Class Projects sidebar.  And since the rest of the Mystic Smalls projects are ... surprise, surprise ... smalls, the finishes ought to start piling up.  Next up are the scissor case, scissor fob, biscornu and needlebook.  Since this year has been devoted to WIPs of all sorts, most of which have been largish projects, some even bona fide BAPs, the tally of finishes has been lagging way behind my usual annual count.  And, being an A type personality, this has had an up side and a down side for me.  The upside: I love that I am finishing up major projects and finally fulfilling the promise of all those classes I have taken.  The downside: there's a nasty, insecure aspect of my personality that loves racking up the numbers and that is just not happening this year.  I know that numbers are meaningless and that it is the process of stitching that I love so dearly but somehow being able to say I finished 60 or 70 or 80 projects in a given year gives me a wonderful but ever so cheap thrill.  Hey, I am too much of a coward to ride roller coasters or go bungee jumping, so where else am I going to find a cheap thrill?


Ann said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean--I've had some enormous projects going this year, plus a number of pieces that I was obligated to do, so my final tally of the year is going to be woefully small. I have been beating myself up about not getting more done--and this is supposed to be what I do for fun! We first-born girl children need to relax!!!

Erica said...

Stitcher's Pocket is such a lovely piece! It will be beautiful finished.
I also have been resisting the urge to stitch an ornament. Even though we do not do so much for Christmas as we used to, I always like to stitch atleast one ornament every year.

Vickie said...

I love the Stitcher's Pocket. Just wonderful. I get so inspired by others that I have to remind myself all the time, this is not a race!

Rachel S-H said...

pretty WIP.

rosey175 said...

I think finish 60 or 70 or 80 projects a year is mind booglingly awesome. I consider myself productive if I manage FIVE!

Your WIP is lovely and kudos for resisting the Christmas ornament temptation. I feel compelled to start on mine... so that they get finished... eventually... argh. :)