Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Tuesday

A bit more hospital stitching to report:

Thy Needle is progressing nicely.  I have nearly finished the upper and lower borders of the piece.  The funny thing is I am not accomplishing nearly as much as I think while at the hospital.  This morning, before work, sitting in my own stitching chair with my Ott Lite, I stitched twice as much in one hour than I did at the hospital yesterday in four hours.  Poor lighting and constant interruptions by hospital staff and just conversing with my husband combine to slow me down considerably.  In any case, there hasn't been enough progress to justify another photo.  The last bit, filling in the tombstone angel and stitching the few scattered geometric motiofs, will be boring, no doubt.  The pay-off is that I am nearing a finish, boredom notwithstanding.

The downside to all this hospital stitching is that I am not working on any of my BAPs since they are too clumsy [and valuable] to travel well.  Nor am I able to do any sewing finishes.  So I expect the goals assessment at the end of this month will be unavoidably disappointing.  C'est le vie!  All I really want at this point is to know what is causing Bill's infection and post-operative distress and to settle those issues.  Yesterday, the doctor admitted quite frankly that we will probably not get any answers but will have to content ourselves with treating the symptoms.  Okay, I can deal with that.  This morning I gently broke the news to my husband that, since all that is going on right now is IV drips of antibiotics and antibacterials and potassium, I can't take any more time off from work simply to keep him company.  My first week of classes starts Monday and I have deadlines to meet.  I feel terrible about only visiting him in the evening for an hour or so today, weather permitting ... we are having high wind advisories and possible tornado warnings for the evening, so I may be unable to manage even a nighttime visit ... but he claims to understand but in a voice just dripping with pathos.  I don't know which he misses more: me or access to his Blackberry which I took home to charge.


Vickie said...

Oh poor Bill. Take care, the both of you.♥

Sarah Beth said...

Give Bill my best. I totally understand the hospital stuff. I spend a lot of time in the hospital due to the medical problems I have. And its hard to juggle work when you have to work. If you don't mind me giving a little advice..make the most of the time when you can visit and bring some comforts from home...PJ pants...throw blanket..favorite snack or drink. It helps a lot...don't feel guilty my hubby always does about me if he can't stay long and I always tell him its ok. Oh and one more thing...take care of yourself. Don't run yourself ragged because you can't afford to get sick. ....take care of you both.