Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wentzler Wednesdays Have Wings

It seems like I just put the Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking piece down but in reality I haven't worked on it since last Wednesday.  And in spite of all that has occurred in the intervening time [my husband's surgery and his less than rapid recuperation], it seems like I was working on the stocking only yesterday.  The time flew.  Perhaps that is a good thing.  With luck, I'll fall right back into the rhythm that produced such satisfactory progress last week.  I plan to work on the angel straight through till Friday evening so there is a chance that I will finish section 8 and have time to start section 7 this month.  I will wait until Friday evening to post a progress photograph since a single day's progress on a Teresa Wentzler project is seldom impressive.  I am going to do my best to get this done for this Christmas.  I know I have been saying that since Christmas 2009, without so much as taking a single stitch till this year.  But this year is the year!  I can feel it in my bones.

And with reference to yesterday's post about the Stitcher's Pocket:  I did finish the buttonhole stitch edging but did not get to the ribbon embroidery.  I have to admit that ribbon embroidery is not my forte and I want to practice my cobweb roses and my seed stitch leaves a bit on my Crazy Quilt Square before I attempt to stitch them on the pocket.  But that's a task for next week.

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Vickie said...

Progress! :) How is the husband?