Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whiling Away A Wentzler Wednesday

There's no point in showing another photo. All I did this Wednesday was finish up backstitching on the trellis. Before I can start on page 1, I still have the long stitched dragon's mane and the wrapped backstitch connecting the leaves to the rose canes to stitch. If past experience is any indication, Tracery Dragons is at least two months from completion. It has been my most time consuming Crazy January Challenge piece yet. I picked it up in June and have been working on it all summer long. I don't know what I was thinking when I included a Teresa Wentzler chart in a stitching challenge rotation. Talk about sabotaging myself! Even though I balanced this BAP with six ornament sized pieces on the challenge list, I am beginning to have doubts that I'll finish all 15 projects before year's end. The two remaining pieces after this are Primitive Needle's Black'd Skie and Allesandre Adelaide's Zucca. Both, in my opinion, qualify as BAPs. The first because of sheer size and the second because of the complexity of all the tracery. There's that dreaded word again, tracery! You'd think I'd take it as a clue, wouldn't you? But I love the delicacy that the word almost always implies. I am hoping page 1 will go more quickly and more smoothly than pages 2 and 3, if only because I am more accustomed to the challenges of this design. I would love to have a finish by the end of this month but, realistically speaking, a late October or early November finish is far more likely.

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