Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stitching a Series

I may be one of the very few stitchers who hasn't gotten caught up in the Hawk Run Hollow series. This is not because I dislike them. Actually, I think they are quite lovely and I enjoy looking at other folks HRH WIPs. And, it is not that I am such an independent thinker that I resist trends easily. I have been caught up in many a fashion fad ... both stitching related and not. I think the only reason I haven't bought them is because I already have a number of stitching series in my stash that will take me forever to finish. To prove my point, I thought I'd catalog my series here.

  • Teresa Wentzler's Faeries: I have stitched the Spring and Autumn Faeries from her Seasonal Faeries booklet and have also stitched a Liliy of the Valley Faerie very similar to the others [a magazine chart, though I can't remember at this late date what magazine]Summer and Winter Faeries remain to be stitched.

  • Dragon Dreams Dragons: I have already stitched The Stormbringer and The Ice Dragon's Kingdom but have yet to stitch Dragon of the Summer Sky and Dragon of the Winter Moon. I also have two of her more whimsical dragon charts in my stash, one featuring a dragon tea party and another with dragons representing the four points of the compass.

  • Stitching Parlour's Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice series which has all the houses/estates mentioned in Pride and Prejudice: Longbourn, Netherfield, the Collins' parsonage, Rosings, Pemberley. I plan to stitch it up as a neighborhood, all on one piece of linen, in order of appearance in the novel.

  • Cluny Tapestry Five Senses. I have already stitched Taste and Hearing and have the charts for Sight, Smell and Touch.

  • Then there's the Nashville Market 2005 Town Square series of 42 buildings. I have already stitched a dozen of them and plan to do most of them before I through. They'll be ornaments on a Small Town USA themed Christmas Tree.

  • Then there are my Workbasket Quaker Animals that will eventually be assembled as a quilt. I have already stitched 8 of the animals and the house and 4 trees I intend to use as the center of that quilt. But I have five more animals in my stash and haven't checked the Workbasket site in many months to see if they have added more animals.

  • Then there are the three Liz Turner Diehl Gardens that are in my stash: a German Garden, the English Tudor Garden and the Summer Garden that reminds me of the Maine seacoast. The only one I have started, and that was as part of a class at CATS 2005, is the Summer Garden.

  • A Celtic Tarot Card Deck that I started years ago for my daughter using pierced paper. I've stitched three of the cards, front and back.

  • Finally, there's Bent Tree's first Branch series. I have all the charts but have yet to start the piece.

That should keep me busy enough for the time being. I truly don't need HRH on my conscience as well.


Cindy said...

good lord.....i am so in awe! keep up the good work, lol and i loooove teresa w. works!!!

natalyK said...

You definitely have your work cut out for you. I have stitched the Branch series by Bent Creek and it is a quick stitch. I hope you enjoy all of your selections. Happy Stitching:)

Rachel S said...

you DO have lots of series started. I like the new HRH piece, but am going to hold off for a while. I've sort of lost my shopping mojo, but looking at all the stuff I've accumulated will do that.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

I fell under the spell of HRH, but luckily can resist Farms of HRH because I haven't put one stitch in any of the others as of yet. I guess you could say I'm good at collecting series, not so quick to stitch them! Nancy

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I know exactly what you mean, I really want to stitch Nora Corbett's "J" but I'm scared I'll then try do all 26 letters!

Anonymous said...

I'm hopeless when it comes to series! I love HRH and have all but Christmas and Farms...yet. Houses is almost finished and Village and Shores started but no where near completion. I have a couple of Liz Turner Diehl gardens. I even have Mill Hill haunted houses, collected but not stitched! Recently I became obsessed with a series I had no interest in. We were at the LNS and my friend asked about Just Nan's Bellmeade. Well, the owner had another ladies pieces in for framing and brought them out. Now I need them! It's sad but I guess I'm a series follower... Nancy in NY