Monday, September 19, 2011

First Days

Well, I survived my first day of the program year ... all 12 hours of it. And I have to admit I didn't have it nearly as badly as my husband did. Today was the first day of the Fall session of the UN and my husband manages realty space for UBS, right across the street from the Waldorf where the POTUS and many other dignitaries stay. His building's street access is closed off by the Secret Service agents; NYPD and Homeland Security people are all over the place. Sharpshooters are positioned on rooftops all over the place and mid-town becomes an armed camp. In short, conducting normal business is a logistical nightmare. Not to mention that my husband's usual 2 hr one way commute nearly doubles in time because of all the checkpoints and closures. It seems to me in this day and age of tele-conferencing, it would be ever so much more sensible and far less expensive to hold these events in virtual time/space. After all, it's not like anything really gets done during these first day sessions except a lot of political posturing and place marking. The sensitive security issues are dealt with by the workaday professional UN staffers in normal sessions. It'd just be easier on NY taxpayers if the UN would adopt a lower profile. The cost of added police security and loss of business because of all the above mentioned checkpoints and closures could be eliminated and life could proceed with just the everyday level of chaos that characterizes NYC.

I did manage to get a bit more stitching done on my lunch hour and I relaxed with a wee bit more after work while waiting for my poor spouse to get home ... but I can't show photos as my project was the patriotic piece requested by Barbara as her prize in my blogaversary giveaway.

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Rachel S said...

Hope everything goes a bit smoother for your DH.