Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Progress Report: Sept. 18, 2011

My religious education program starts tomorrow as does my new schedule of 12 hour days Monday and Tuesday and 8 hour days Wednesday and Thursday with three day weekends. I am a little concerned about the Monday-Tuesday stint but am absolutely thrilled to have a three day weekend. For the past 17 years I have always had a split in my days off: Wednesday & Sunday or Thursday & Sunday. I never felt really rested because I never had two days in a row to recoup my energies. I tended to use the weekday off to schedule appointments and run errands that couldn't be done on weekends. And, at least once a month or so, my weekday off would be eaten up by professional meetings or workshops. And Sundays, well when you work for the Church, even as a layperson, every so often Sunday becomes a work day as well. So the new three day weekend has enormous appeal: not two, but three days off in a row. Meetings are rarely scheduled for a Friday, so I won't be losing many of them and even if I have to work on a Sunday, I'll still have two days in a row off that week. My husband and I can enjoy a weekend getaway to the Catskills or Amish country or some other nearby spot every so often. What could be better? But what about stitching this past week? Well, since work really heated up this past week, not much stitching time but what I did have was spent on Tracery Dragons and the Black'd Skie Sampler from Primitive Needle. So far as Tracery Dragons was concerned, I finished up the #4 Kreinik braid for the dragon's mane and the wrapped backstitch that makes up the thinner branches of the rose bush. The top row of Black'd Skie is done as well. My apologies for the poor photo - I didn't have time to iron it before taking a snapshot. And, I must confess, my stitching time was further eaten away by the arrival of the latest Nora Roberts "In Death" series novel. I devour this series and tend to drop all other leisure activities when a new installment arrives, reading late into the night till I am done, usually a day or two after I remove the book from my mailbox.

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mainely stitching said...

Good for you, sticking the band! It's looking lovely, as is your other stitching. :D Happy reading!