Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #49

This week has seen little time for stitching ... let alone for the mini-finishing-frenzy I had hoped to manage. I've put in 10+ hours overtime because of various Whole Community Catechesis Events I've had to run three times this week and will be running once more next week. Then late Thursday night I ignored Doctor's orders/warnings and indulged in a Sicilian pizza with black olives ... people lacking gall bladders should not eat such fatty foods ... but it has been four months since the surgery, all has been going well, and I thought I would risk a small indulgence. I didn't even finish my second piece. Never again, I was in pain all night and wasted my entire day off Friday retreating from the lingering pain by catching up on my sleep for the better part of the day ... not at all the way I had intended to spend the day off. In fact, I wasn't fully back to normal till late Saturday afternoon.

Even so, I squeezed in a bit of stitching time on Workbasket's Quaker Sampler, maybe an hour or so a day. This has been such a pleasure. I like the delicacy of stitching with one strand over two threads on a higher count fabric [in this case 36ct] ... and am amazed that all these old eyes require is a good light without yet having to resort to magnifying glasses. In fact, I have been enjoying this piece so much it has been all I worked on from Monday through Sunday morning before church. I just had to complete a third motif and the letters that were stitched in the same shade on either side of it. I am using only four shades of GAST on this project: Cranberry, Forest Glade, Gold Leaf and Midnight. This contributes to the elegant simplicity of the piece. Can you tell I am loving it?

Bride's Tree SAL ... the last two ornaments: Quaker Angel [November] and Quaker Santa [December]. I did manage to get back to work on the December Santa piece for an hour or so in the afternoon. The photo shows the minimal progress I have made. This is the very first time all year that I am working out of order on this SAL. The reason is simple: though I have chosen the Quaker motifs I wish to combine to make my November Angel, I haven't actually charted the piece to see how everything goes together. I have a feeling that the November Angel may very well be my Christmas break stitching project. It will make it to the tree sometime before the New Year but probably not in time for Christmas. But since I keep my tree up til January 6 [Little Christmas, aka The Feast of the Epiphany], I'll have a little time to enjoy it this year.
But, alas, no sewing finishes.
Just to round off the photos, I am including one of the round robin that was finished last week. Waiting for the perfect conditions for daylight photography was my excuse. Well, what with working extra hours and sleeping away my day-off, I was never able to take advantage of the good photography conditions on offer this past week. So here is a less than perfect indoor shot.

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