Friday, December 10, 2010

December Giveaway Winner

And the winner is Blu chosen for the totally unscientific reason that I liked her comment best ... it seems to indicate that she shares my love for fantasy themes in general and for Dragon Dreams charts in particular! I will be e-mailing her today to ask for a postal address and I'll get her package in the mail soon.
Sometime later this year, I will be doing a giveaway of just Dragon Dreams charts ... after I have stitched them, of course ... so far I have stitched Storm Bringer but I plan on stitching Dragon of the Summer Sky and Dragon of the Winter Moon in 2011 ... and possibly The Ice Dragon's Kingdom, if I can get to it. I think this would make a nice group of charts for a giveaway late in 2011 ... a unified grouping that would appeal to those who love dragons as much as I ... I wonder just how large such a group would be!


Rachel S said...

Congratulations, Blu!

Donna's Stitching said...

I would love to enter your giveawy in 2011 I love fantsy and dragons I will watch for it