Monday, December 27, 2010

Assessing December Goals, Setting January Goals

We are up to our knees in snow [in some drifted areas, up to our hips] ... and it feels good to sit quietly at home ... Christmas recess means I don't have to struggle into school to set up all our cancellation notices ... and three industrious 12 year olds are busily removing the snow from our driveway and our cars ... they will truly deserve the $10 dollars apiece my husband will give them. These are tomorrow's entrepeneurs, to be sure ... not afraid of a little hard work ... have shovel, will travel ... So many people say that the youngest generation has no work ethic, those people should see these three young men, working diligently in the cold. And I have no doubt that they will know the value of a dollar and spend what they earn wisely.

Town Square SAL: The Fire Station NEARLY DONE but a disappointment since thescale was so different from the others I have stitched in this series: ornament size rather than quilt block size.
Bride's Tree SAL
: Finish stitching the Quaker Angel I designed for November's ornament and stitch Workbasket's Quaker Santa for the December [and last] ornament. Santa is nearly done but the Angel needs some work.
: Either my long neglected BAP or Medium Project would qualify as a UFO by now, so I'll just leave this category blank for this month.
BAP: TW's Autumn Faerie, no extravagant goals of finishing ... all I want to do is manage a few hours a week on this project. Never got around to this again this month.
Medium Project
: Resume work on Victoria Sampler's Holly and Hearts Sampler. Again, no extravagant goals here, I just want to see steady discernible progress. No.
: Continue work on Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block. No.
: Finish as many pieces as possible so as to begin the new year with substantially fewer finishes in the basket. This is where I really want to concentrate my efforts this month. Until I have a sewing room fixed up, my dining room is my sewing area ... and I need to reclaim it in time for the Christmas holidays. No, but I have a week off for Christmas recess so there's still some slight hope that I'll clear a few things away.

CRAZY JANUARY 2011 CHALLENGE: Start a new project each day from January 1 - January 15.
BAP: Continue work on TW's Autumn Faerie
Surface Embroidery: Continue work on Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square.
Sewing Finishes: Keep up with current finishing and finish two items from backlog finishing basket.


Kathy said...

I hear you about the snow. :) Thank goodness I am off this week too.

Have a wonderful New Year! Good luck meeting your monthly goals.

Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Best of luck to you on the Crazy January 15 challenge. I am afraid to do that one, although I will choose 12 UFO's or WIP's to work on over the next 12 months. Happy New Year! Nancy

Vicky said...

Take care in the snow, I wont tell you my temps here in Australia LOL

Good luck on your challenge I joined a UFO one :)

Rachel S said...

I have been trying to think how to finish those town square items--I have to think how I want them to end up so's I know how to start them, you know. At least if they're different sizes that helps. I'm thinking of finishing some as a little garland, maybe do a couple as stand ups that a train could go through.

Stay safe in that snow.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You are CRAZY to do that CRAZY challenge!

Does this mean daily blog updates with what project you started that day?

riona said...

Actually I was planning on posting my Crazy Challenge Progress on the 5th, 10th and 15th of January and then working on them one at a time until they were all done.