Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #44

While I did quite a bit of stitching and finishing during the past week [see recent posts], I didn't do a great deal during the weekend.

I did design and start stitching a Quaker Pinecone ornament for the October entry in the Bride's Tree SAL. I have used Belle Soie silks Cinnamon Silk and Chocolat and have yet to choose a green silk for the pine needles. I'll have to place an order for more 28ct raw Belfast linen on Monday so that I'll be able to stitch the Angel [November] and the Santa [December].
And I kitted up my next piece for the Town Square SAL: The Cricket Collection's Town Clock. I am stitching all the pieces in this SAl on overdyed blue linen in various compatible shades/dyelots and from different manufacturers. I started things on Silkweaver's Starquest and then started using Zweigart's Meditation. But I did have one piece of Starquest left that was the perfect size for the Town Clock. I will stitch all the finished blocks into a quilt for a queen size bed when I have enough. I am envisioning placing The Town Clock at the very center and surronding it with strips of small garden print cottons in log cabin fashion and then some divider strips in either a grey [for cobblestone] or dull red [for brick] to represent paving. Next will come all the public buildings, making a rectangle joined by the same grey or red used to represent paved paths. There'll probably be two rectangles of public buildings. The last and outer ring will be the shops. I can always use some nice LHN or PS house charts to make residential blocks for pillow shams ... this is a long-term project, rather like my Quaker animal quilt-to-be, but I am enjoying accumulating stitched blocks for both quilts and dreaming over them.

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