Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #43

Since Sunday was Halloween and my posting yesterday was devoted to Rachel's Halloween SAL, I am posting the weekend progress report on today ... so what if Monday is the beginning rather than the end of a stitching week [in my admittedly eccentric corner of the world, stitching weeks end on Sundays]!

I was so close to finishing the September Bride's Tree ornament that I just soldiered on till it was done. Then I kitted up the October ornament, which I will work on next week when I need a break from TW.

I also worked a bit more on Winifred Witch, M Designs entry in the JCS Halloween ornament issue. I had wanted to get this done in time to add to the Halloween Tree this year so I made this project my first choice for Rachel's Halloween SAL. I finished it up at 6:30 Halloween night and added it to the tree immediately after photographing it for yesterday's post about Rachel's SAL.

I spent less time on my BAP [TWs Autumn Faerie] than originally planned so I made less progress than I had hoped. But I will rectify that this next week ... I want to make a final push to finish this piece before Thanksgiving so that I can have it framed for Christmas gifting.

I find it hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months away as we enjoy an Indian Summer with temps ranging as high as 75 ... of course, this happened after [or, more likely, because] I had the a/c units removed from the windows, packed away the summer clothes, pruned my fig tree and purchased a wool cloche hat and some shearling lined slippers. Leave it to me to provoke Mother Nature's sense of humor/perversity. Of course, temps dropped down to the 50s for Halloween ... so cold fingers prevented me from stitching outdoors for very long ... while I sat distributing candy to all the wee sma ghoulies and ghosties in the neighborhood.

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Cole said...

Murphy's law ~ as soon as you get ready for the next season, the current one decides to stay for a while longer!!!