Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Ready for ...

... some special giveaways. It seems with the NaBloPoMo, I'll be needing some special giveaway to mark my 500th post by Jan. 4, 2011. I can't decide whether to give away 5 $10 or 1 $50 gift certificates to 123 stitch. Spread the wealth or make one person very happy? What do you, my readers, think?

I am also up to 91 followers at the moment ... when I hit 100, I'd like to give away a stitched gift. I thought I'd make an ort jar and have started designing the top. I want this to be real funky and whimsical and I intend to fringe the edges of this top with actual orts attached with the stitch commonly used in rug hooking. I have the perfect fat little globe of a jar. I have some rainbow rick-rack in two widths and some brightly colored floss. All the elements are coming together ... this should be a nice little diversion.


Carissa said...

I know I don't comment often, but I love reading your blog. I think the idea of an ort jar for your giveaway is a great one. As for your 500th post....I think you should do what your heart leads you to do. :)

Donna's Stitching said...

The ort jar is a wonderful idea as for your 500 post contest maybe 5 $10.00 gift certficate but you can do what way you can thanks for letting me read your wonderful blog


BeanStitcher said...

My vote is for 5 $10 gift certificates. That way, it may generate more business for 123. They do a great job with that website & message board. Linda/PA

PS--I read your blog, but don't comment often because I keep forgetting my Google password, lol

Missy said...

An Ort jar sounds great. I vote for the $10.00 GC because that's enough money for a fabulous chart and more winners are always nice!!! Very generous of you.


Carol said...

I also vote for the 5 $10 certificates--the more happy stitchers, the better :)