Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Progress Report # 37

It has been a light stitching week. Monday is the beginning of the new Religious Education Program Year, so last week involved a lot of late hours prepping for the coming week. Furthermore, I was stitching on the round robin piece right up to the deadline of the fifteenth. So I only had Thursday-Sunday to work on my own projects. And just to throw a bit more activity to the mix, there was a craft festival to attend this weekend. The first, on Saturday, was a craft fair at a winery ... rather a duty visit since my daughter's non profit organization, Four Legs Good, had a booth. Just getting there was an adventure, dealing with congested northern NJ traffic, jug handle turns, and our exit sign which was completed obscured by a big orange Road Work sign placed immediately in front of it so my husband and I could only read the street name as we passed the exit. The event wasn't the largest or even the best craft fair I have ever attended but I did buy a dozen absolutely scrumptious home-made shea butter soaps with enticing names like Black Magic, Witches Brew, Apple Caramel Crunch, Autumn Wreath and Pumpkin Crunch. I will use some of the soaps for stocking stuffers but will keep a few for myself. And I signed a rather important petition at the Four Legs Good booth, to prevent several boros in northern NJ from classifying feral cats as wildlife, thereby opening up the possibility of hunting them with rifles and bow & arrow. There is the added danger that as wildlife or game, their meat could be sold and consumed. UGH!!!
In any case, I did manage to finish stitching the Prairie Schooler Pumpkin ornament and prepped the Krinik Cornucopia ornament for lacing and assembling ... but that was about all. Photos will be forthcoming when both ornaments are fully assembled and when the digital camera's battery is re-charged.

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Karen said...

Oh...those soaps sound scrumptious. Don't you just love it when they come up with cute names? Those will make great Christmas gifts.

Hope you get some more stitching in this week....happy stitching.