Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Giveaway

Since Halloween is approaching, I have chosen that holiday as my theme for the gift pack of charts: Rosewood Manor's Six Silly Spiders, Shepherd's Bush's Be A Witch, Glory Bee's Happy Halloween, Lavender Wings' Hitchin' A Ride and Harbor Light Designs' Jack o Lantern Bargello Pillow. But this time I will add a lovely 12" square of 36 ct Silkweaver linen [Shadowbrook] on which to stitch either the Rosewood Manor or Lavender Wings chart.
If you wish to enter your name for this giveaway, the usual conditions will apply:
-- open to all stitchers
-- leave a comment below as to why you are interested in the giveaway
-- include an e-mail address in your post if clicking on your name will not lead me to an e-mail link
-- a winner will be selected on the 10th of the month and informed by e-mail
-- winners are asked to commit to PIF charts to other stitchers through message boards, guilds or stitching groups or to donate the charts to a women's shelter or prison, a nursing home or some other venue where a stitcher would enjoy them.
Good luck to all who enter.


Parsley said...

HOORAY! I'd love to be entered. I think stitching seasonal items is fun!

Kim said...

This time I've been to your blog and thank you for the invitation. Your stitching is lovely!

Thank you for the Halloween entry--I've never stitched a Halloween piece and I'd like to.


Anonymous said...

I love Halloween and I'd love to stitch these charts. Thank you so much for the generous offer and I would be glad to hold some PIF's in your honor.

BrandonParkersMommy said... are amazingly generous!!!! I would love to enter your drawing. I'm obsessed with seems to be all that I stitch any more!!! Would love to be considered!


betsyu2 said...

I would love these charts and most definitely would pass them on. Halloween has been a favorite holiday of mine once Ihad children and started sewing their costumes (E.T., Miss Piggy, Crayon, blue devil (that was the name of the school team where we lived in Ohio). I now live in SE Oklahoma and the nearest shop is a 2 1/2 hr drive or more. Thanks for the chance. I am retiring in 2 months after working all my adult life. Can't wait.

Bronny said...

ooooo Halloween - as a recent convert to Halloween stitching, it is becoming one of my favourite themes to stitch - thank you for this chance.
bronny in australia (where we don't 'do' halloween), who does put up halloween decorations now

Anonymous said...

I would love to have my name entered for any of your giveaways. I love to stitch Halloween patterns. This is the first blog that I have visited that I have left a message on. Thanks for the chance.


Vickie said...

I would love to enter your halloween give away!!

Lovesreading @ Gmail. com

Jennifer B. said...

I haven't stitched many Halloween pieces other than pumpkins and a cute black cat but would love to stitch a few more.
Since I found out about your blog through the 123stitch message board I would love to do PIF's there. I know I have plenty of charts I could offer.
jbarthold329 at

Anonymous said...

Trying again to make a comment - I like to stitch Halloween themed items and would gladly do PIF's. TIA for a generous giveaway chance. Marcia

larsan said...

What a lovely thing to do. I would love to enter this give away because I have just now FINALLY gotten the fall/halloween season on my stitching radar. I have done a couple small things but need so much more for my house.

Thank you

MelissaD said...

Halloween is my favorite to stitch for - it goes so well with all the pumpkins I grow in my garden every year. I would love to be entered in your drawing - thank you for offering these.

Hillery said...

I would love to be considered for your giveaway. You are so generous. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I just asked onmy blog if anyone had any suggestions for some cute Harvest designs. This would sure do the trick. I love your idea of donating the charts after you are done with them.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a generous giveaway!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, all the crazy and weird designs, colors, and best of all....candy!

I don't have any of those charts,and would absolutely love to have them.

As you may have seen on the 123 board, I just did a spider biscornu, and am giving the chart away to all who ask (my design) - I am always happy to share and PIF anything I can :D

Thank you so much for the chance to win the charts and fabric, and have a happy Halloween!


(debathome @ - remove spaces)

Kttycat said...

I'd love to be entered. I've always loved Halloween but I've never actually stitched any Halloween themed items.

Anonymous said...

Would love to enter your drawing. I have never done a Halloween pattern before and would love to. Thank you for your drawing.

Victoria, TX

Cindi J said...

I just found your wonderful Blog. I am new to blogging and have jus started my site.. Still having a problem navigating the poatings and such tho.

My FAVORITE time of the year is the fall and my FAVORITE things to stitch are halloween pieces...I would love to be included in this contest/drawing.

Cindi J (

Kate said...

Would love to be entered into you give away. I love the idea of donating to shelters and such. I have a few extra and already stitched charts so I am a go for the donation.

Kate said...

Love your idea of donating to shelters and such. Also, love halloween designs. Please enter me in you give away.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much Halloween things stitched so would love to win these .Thanks for your offer.


Rita said...

I love stitching Halloween things and would love a chance at your contest.

ldepalatis at earthlink dot net

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Riona for a chance at your
Halloween giveaway.What a generous
offer you are sharing. I haven't
stitched much Halloween charts, and
would love the opportunity.
Thank you,

Maru Zamora (aracne in123) said...

Thank you very much for the chance! I love halloween!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog! You do beautiful stitching. Thanks for the contest,please enter me.


Deborah said...

I love stitching anything fall and I love stitching anything Halloween. I would love to be entered in your drawing.

Anonymous said...

I adore Halloween designs and I can never have enough to stitch! Please enter me for a chance at this wonderful giveaway. Thank you!
Pam A
Hudson Valley of NY

Blu said...

What a fun giveaway!
I just got into Halloween last year and I just adore stitching stuff for it!

TG said...

Thank you for the chance for Halloween. I've been working 6 days a week since June and would love the opportunity to stitch something fun and midly creepy.

I'm taking a small break from working this holiday weekend to look at your blog. Very nice.

Vicki said...

I am doing a project to enter into the 2011 fair and it will take several Halloween designs of different sizes and styles. This would be the perfect opportunity to get me started and of course...I would share the patterns forward.
Thanks for you kindness and Happy stitching to all.

Vicky said...

Thank you, I will definitely PIF when finished :)

Lynn said...

Great giveaway. I love stitching Halloween designs. Please enter me.

BeanStitcher said...

I'd love to enter. Also would like info on where to donate used charts. I contacted our state's women's prison system and they would not take them. Linda/PA