Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #35

Labor Day Weekend: so I am posting this report on Monday rather than Sunday, as is my usual practice.

It's been another week when what little stitching I have done [only about an hour a day] has been devoted to the round robin. The good news is that I am nearly done, the bad news is that the round robin is consuming too much of my stitching time. I will concentrate on this piece for the remainder of the day so that I can move on. There is only one more leg to this round robin: the organizer's piece. I think I can be reasonably certain that she stuck to the rules and blocked out a space no larger than 70x70. Consequently, I should be able to move quickly on her piece ... which will be a relief after the last two pieces.

In any case, here is a photo of my progress on the Winter Angel: wings done, hair and head done, hands and feet done, most of the back-stitching done ... all that's left is the drapery lining and any of the back-stitching that touches the lining. Since I'll be changing out the colors on the drapery lining to silver/grey instead or orange/gold, there will be a lengthy comparison of tones and values followed by a floss toss ... a trial and error process that may add an hour or two to the project ... I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. But I hope to have this done tonight.

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