Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mine, Mine, All Mine

After nearly five weeks of stitching angels for two successive round robin rotations, I am finally working on a project of my own, albeit a very small one: Prairie Schooler's Pumpkins. I hope to finish stitching this today and finish it as an ornament for my Thanksgiving "tree". I have also begun the assembly process of my Kreinik Cornucopia ornament, padding the cardboard and selecting the backing fabric. It will be lovely to have a few finishes that I get to keep, instead of mailing on. Who knew I was so selfish and greedy where my stitching was concerned???

And to further delight and please, I came home from work Thursday to find these beauties in the mail: a totally unexpected gift of hand-made note cards from Karen who had won one of my giveaways a few months ago. Since I don't scrapbook myself and don't know anyone who does, I had no idea how lovely home-made cards really are. These cards have a texture, weight and depth that you just don't find in your average Hallmark store ... and the colors are so rich ... my photo doesn't do justice to these deeply saturated colors. Thanks, Karen ... my only problem will be finding occasions worthy of these cards.

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Carol said...

I can understand why you're so thrilled to be making something of your very own!! And what a nice gift from Karen--lovely cards :)