Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting it done

I am so thrilled to be doing my own projects again that I am building up a fairly strong momentum. I just finished stitching the Prairie Schooler Turkey ornament and should be able to start work on the assembly and final finish tonight after work. I also bit the bullet and frogged back the part of the border of my Bird in a Nest ornament for the May installment of the Bride's Tree SAL. My original border, which followed the shape of the design was too irregular and sloppy for my very linear brain to accept ... I have re-stitched it as a rectangle with softly rounded corners ... much less jarring on the old optic nerves. Now all I have to do is stitch the monogrammed back and assemble the ornament. I should certainly have that done this weekend.
I have also kitted up the June Fruit Basket ornament for the Bride's Tree SAL, so I can segue into that smoothly the very second I finish the Bird in a Nest. I once used the image of the "stitching equivalent of chain-smoking" when I wrote about a series of Sue Hillis Santa designs I did one after another [4 in total] ... I do believe that metaphor applies to this series of Thanksgiving and Christmas ornaments I am working on now. I feel a certain energy, even a compulsion, when I am working on them ... I almost resent the time spent away from my stitching chair doing mundane things like eating, sleeping, bathing and working ... okay, I don't resent taking time out to eat ... but as for the rest of it ... yes, indeed!
I am going to hold off taking any photos until the end of the weekend ... I am challenging myself to have at least three fully stitched and assembled ornaments to show my readers. Dare I say four ornaments?

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Cindi J said...

Love (and can relate to) your relating you obsession to your cross stitch projects as "stitching equivalent of chain-smoking.." .. I also resent time doing those necessities like laundry, bathing & doing dishes.. tho I agree, stitching still takes a back seat to eating.!