Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Progress Report #17

I didn't get nearly as much stitching done this week as usual since preparation for yesterday's two Confirmations, not to mention the registration mailing that goes out first thing Monday, consumed my week. As luck would have it, my secretary chose this past week [one of the busiest of my year], to take three days unpaid leave of absence ... so she could take the Census Bureau's mandated three day training. The result, I ended up working long hours, including my usual day off, to complete her tasks as well as mine ... the consequence, little or no stitching time.
I did manage to finish the cross-stitching of my April Bride's Tree SAL ornament, the Rabbit, symbolizing hope ... though I am still working on the monogram for the back and will wait until the ornament is completed assembled to show you a photograph.
I have started on the assembly of the Plimoth Scissor Keep from the Summer 2009 issue of Sampler and Antique Needleworks quarterly magazine. I love reading this magazine but this is only the third chart from its pages that I have stitched in the four years I have been subscribing. I am squirrelling the issues away ... to keep me happily stitching throughout my retirement. Again, I'll wait till it is completely assembled to take a photo.
I suspect next weekend's progress report will be equally sparse since I have to review and sign off on 10 sets of progress reports for the Grades 1-6 that meet Mondays as well as 6 sets of progress reports for Grade 7, enter all the Confirmations in the Parish Register, oversee four First Communion rehearsals, and, of course, two First Communion ceremonies next Saturday and a May Crowning next Sunday. But at least there will be no more Monday classes for grades 1-6 after May 10 and only two more weeks of classes for the Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday sessions go into mid-June. Each session has a total of thirty classes but given the way holidays, vacations and snow days fall throughout the year, each session ends at different times in May & June. Saturday sessions stretch out the longest because we can't hold classes on the days we celebrate First Confession, Confirmation and First Communion ... parking lot and timing issues are involved.

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