Friday, May 21, 2010

And Some More Shopping

I received a $35 GC to 123stitch as payment for the last of Mom's stash and it is burning a hole in my virtual pocket. I also have a small balance on the last gift certificate I used ... so putting it all together I have about $40 to play with.

So I have decided to spend it on
... more of the Glasgow linen needed for the Bride's Tree SAL
... some 10ct. tula
... some 25ct Laguna
... Cross Eyed Cricket's Thanksgiving Circle which has a number of motifs that I can use for my Thanksgiving ornaments in future months.
... I have also been coveting The Primitive Needle's Black'd Skye.
... I also need to match up some GAST Maple Syrup, so I'll be asking for three skeins from different dyelots
... and, finally, I am curious about the new overdyed cotton they are carrying: Valdani. So, I'll be ordering a skein or two of that to try out.

When I speak to them today, I'll also inquire about my back-ordered silk mori from Kreinik, needed for my next Thanksgiving ornament.

I'll also be visiting the nurseries today to get the vegetable seedlings for my patio container garden ... about two weeks later than the rest of my neighbors ... but then, they haven't been consumed with Confirmation, First Communions and registration like I have these past three weekends. I'll be picking up some Roma tomatoes, some grape tomatoes, some eggplant, some peppers and some basil [can you tell I cook Italian?] and since they take forever to start from seed and don't always take, I'll pick up a pot or two of chives. But what I am absolutely determined to get is a fig tree ... there is no more mouth watering treat than a fresh fig, split open and stuffed with some cream cheese or marscapone cheese ... it is to die for ... and perfectly acceptable for a type II diabetic's diet. I might even get a few flowers ... my husband loves pansies and of course, marigolds have to surrond the tomato plants. A strawberry barrel filled with hen and chicks and some creeping sedum would also be pretty. Perhaps I'll have some garden photos to share tomorrow.

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Karen said...

Goodness...sounds like you are going to be busy with your gardening! Great stash too!