Sunday, May 9, 2010

A small shopping expedition

The rr from Lisa never arrived and the May 15 mailing deadline for this second rotation is rapidly approaching. So yesterday I stopped at the local Michael's while on other errands and picked up some 14ct blue aida to start her piece over again. I feel some concern for her since her original piece may never be recovered ... though if it does finally arrive, I will restitch my snowman on it and forward it to Linda and the others until it catches up with the intended rotation.
I started my snowman this morning, Stitches & Stones' All Wrapped Up, though I have substituted DMC for the originally charted As Days Go By overdyed cottons and will probably need to leave the wording out to keep it within size guidelines. I will sketch out a simple border using strategically placed snowflakes and some connecting smyrna stitches or eyelet stitches ... I am going to have to ask Linda to give me an extra day or two to get this mailed to her [sorry, Linda, I know this makes twice in a row ... but this time I have a good reason].
While I was at Michael's, I popped over to their cake decorating area and picked up some silicone cupcake cups ... a dozen for $9.99 in four pastels: baby blue, mint green, baby pink and pale yellow. They also had star and heart-shaped cups as well as some novelty cups with feet. If making cupcake pin cushions turns out to be something I enjoy, I'll have to go back for some of the novelty shapes, expecially the footed ones ... I can just see them making adorable little pin cushions.
My daughter informed me that on a recent visit to the pet center, she picked up a bag of lizard litter, aka ground walnut shells, to fill the pin cushions. She raised a few eyebrows when she informed her siginificant other that it was a Mother's Day gift ... but he hasn't known me long enough to understand that such a gift is perfectly normal and very, very welcome. He'll learn!

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Myra said...

My son looked at me quite quizzically when I came home with a bag of lizard litter. It makes great filling for pincushions. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the cupcake cups.