Thursday, May 20, 2010

RR ready for mailing

Just a wee bit of frogging yesterday ... I guess I was in a hurry, hoping to get it in the mail only four days late. But it was not to be. I'll stop at the post office and get this and my monthly giveaway in the mail today.

Even so, I don't think 10 days [stitching from 5/9-19] was too bad considering I had to start from scratch since the original piece was lost in the mail. I suspect the reason I dislike snowmen is because stitching with so much white is so terribly boring ... even though I did a relatively easy border of smyrna stitches with some very simple snowflake motifs, I managed to use a skein and a half of DMC white. I am definitely looking forward to the next piece, originally angels but I think it was switched to hearts. Either way, I am prepared. I should be receiving it any day now, I hope. I'd really like to have at least one no-stress round in this RR. The photo on the right is my own contribution to the piece and the photo on the left shows the tout ensemble, with all the borders and dividers stitched. My apologies for the poor indoor photographs but if you click to enlarge and then scan across and down, you'll be able to see more detail.

As soon as I whipped the snowman RR out of my tension hoop, I replaced it with the PS Harvest Time Turkey I am stitching as a Thanksgiving ornament. It's great to get back to a project in my own zone. The photo on the left is how it looked when last seen and the photo on the right shows current progress. This was supposed to be the April Thanksgiving ornament. I haven't even started on the Kreinik Cornucopia ornament that I had intended to be the May entry in this project ... I am still waiting on some back-ordered Kreinik silks needed to kit that up properly ... Joanne at 123stitch said they would be received there around 5/14, so I should be receiving them anyday now.


Rachel S said...

Love the snowman, especially the shading! Great job! And the turkey is adorable!

Karen said...

He is cute! I hate stitching with white because my stitches always seem to look uneven..never have figured that one out!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That snowman is just too cute!