Friday, May 22, 2009

Off to the framer

I stitched for an hour and a half this morning on Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel. I am just a few rows shy of completing the inner oval ring and then it's on to the home stretch, stitching the central medallion which is a negative image of the rabbit. I anticipate finishing the piece this holiday weekend.
I have a number of pieces I want to take to the framer, so that they will be ready and waiting for me when I return from vacation. First, Debbie Draper's Spots of Fun ... a piece that was a real learning experience for me since I used it to test all sorts of new-to-me fibers. Second, Sue Hillis' YoHoHoHo ... which I will frame the same way I have framed my annual Prairie Schooler Santas: nice dark, vintage wooden frames with an easel back so I can display them atop my bookcases. Third and fourth, a photo of my youngest son and a photo of my husband at age 23, both of which will be added to the family wall. Now I just need a black and white photo of Angela. Fifth, my Miribilia Special Edition Halloween Faerie ... I see this matted and in a somewhat roccoco gilt frame ... but I'll have to check out the available frames and mats before making a decision.

On the way home, I'll stop at Michael's to see if I can find a Shaker box the right size to use when finishing my Rabbit Rondel from Workbasket as well as some paint that will pick up the tones in the Caron Waterlilies Periwinkle silk that I used to stitch it. Then, it's off to Joanne's to pick up some mattress ticking for a tote finish for Sailor's Jig. Last stop will be the post office to mail out a giveaway and an ornament. After that, I'll sew and stitch to my heart's content ... perhaps even garden a wee bit.