Saturday, May 9, 2009

Breathing a sigh of relief

Today was First Communion Day in the parish and we all survived ... there were a few glitches with the new videographer using a spotlight and moving to and fro across the church ... something I will address with his boss so next year will be more reverent and less intrusive. The children made a few mistakes but that only adds to the charm of the ceremony. One little boy was so tiny that even with the step stool he had to bounce up and down on tiptoes to complete his reading [the sacristan had forgotten to put the taller library stool that I provided in front of the pulpit] I thought our deacon was going to lose it as he struggled not to laugh. Erik was that seriously cute! Even our very staid and sober Monsignor smiled.
In any case, I have managed to survive two Confirmations and two First Communions in an 8 day span, with all the attendant retreats, rehearsals, parent meetings, etc. that accompany them. Now, there's just a May Crowning and a registration weekend to go ... and final exam week as well as the last catechist meeting of the year, a staff meeting and a staff dinner.
So, maybe, just maybe, I'll find more time for stitching in the coming weeks ... though for the past few days I have been too tired to concentrate properly on the current somewhat demanding WIPs: The Sweetheart Tree's Holly and Hearts Sampler and my own Fertility Circles. Instead, I have been doing quite a bit of light reading. I re-read the whole series of Laura Child's tea shop mysteries as well as the current Oolong Dead, then the first installment of Nora Robert's bride series and have just started Amanda Quick's [aka Jayne Ann Krentz] Perfect Poison. This weekend is full of engagements: the aforementioned First Communions, an early dinner with my oldest and youngest and husband and then a performance of Galoompha; one of those mime cum acrobatic cum comedy troupes. Tomorrow: the May Crowning at the 9:30 Mass and then a visit to my own mother. I hope to be home by 5pm so as to have time to do some laundry followed by some serious collapsing.
But next week, I'll have a lighter schedule. With no more Confirmation classes, Tuesday's workday will end at 7pm instead of 9pm. And, on my Friday off, I have scheduled a spa day: haircut/facial/manicure ... I can just feel the muscles un-knotting and the tension draining. And I have a June vacation coming up ... lolling on a beach, stitching under palm trees and gazing off into an ocean horizon ... what could be more relaxing? Life is good and full of blessings.


Donna said...

You deserve a spa day!

Rachel S said...

It feels so good when we get those difficult weeks finished!