Thursday, May 28, 2009

Computer troubles

Well, we have finally accepted the fact that a 10 year old computer needs to be replaced ... especially since there was no resuscitating it after this most recent crash. I am posting from work, so there will be no photos. We are ordering a new computer to be custom built by a local tech who can make the whole deal for approx $750 and still manage to give us 10 times the memory and and 20 times the speed we currently have. So until we christen our new computer, I am not certain how frequently I'll be posting.
My stitching progress these past few days has been satisfactory, if not exactly advancing the May goals ... apparently I have a very low boredom quotient and need to start something new frequently.
I am nearly done with the rabbit pincushion top from Workbasket's Rabbit Rondel leaflet ... I have decided to finish it as a tiny mattress-style pincushion and so have added sides that I am stitching with one of the paisley motifs from the larger rondel piece. I will also stitch a bottom with my signature rune and the year. I plan to stitch the fob as well but that may wait till next month ... there is only so much over one stitching I am willing to do in a given period.
I seem to be on a Workbasket rabbit kick: I am also working on the Quaker Rabbit using the same cream linen that I have used for all my other animals and Belle Soie's Paprika silk, which is a rather chestnut like brown. Since I also have two skeins of Belle Soie Tortoise Shell silk, I will start on the Quaker Tortoise as soon as I finish the rabbit. The simplicity and elegance of these Quaker designs is a welcome relief from the fussiness of the Holly & Hearts Sampler [The Sweetheart Tree] from which I have taken a two week vacation ... as well as from the awkwardness of stitching in hand on Fertility Circles. What with all the rings and beads on that piece, I can no longer use a hoop to hold the fabric taut and none of my scroll rods are the right size for such a small piece. I should really dig out my smallest Q-snaps from the bottom drawer of my stitching center and see if they might work. I do have those little suspender like accessories for Q-snaps that will hold the piece in place even though the fabric will only "snap" into the frame on two edges instead of four.
The bottom line is I am enjoying my stitching a very great deal ... quite a recovery from the doldrums in which I was becalmed earlier this year ... and if it means deviating from a goal or two, so be it.


mainely stitching said...

So glad that you're enjoying your stitching again! Hooray! My DH used to like to build PCs back before I distracted him with all our kids (LOL) and I bet your custom-built machine will be incredible.

My high school guidance counselor always said that getting bored fast equated with a high IQ. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL!!

Angela said...

Wooooo hooooo! Go MOM! Glad to hear you're getting a new pc! Now I won't have to curse it out anymore if I want to check email from your house! =) <3

Rachel S said...

I am sorry to hear about your computer. Can't wait til we can see pics again.

And glad you got out of the doldrums. Those are the pits.

Anonymous said...