Saturday, May 2, 2009


Just a brief post to whine and complain. Talk about the Peter Principle. With 900 Mass booklets to make for Confirmation and another 900 to make for First Communion next week my trusty photocopier broke the paddles that feed toner to the drum apparatus. The soulful little man who came to repair it ordered the part which may or may not arrive for 5-10 business days. Okay, the defunct school had a copier whose lease we couldn't break ... so I just moved to another part of the building to do my copying. A good plan! But no, that copier keeps misfeeding. So I went home Thursday night knowing that if I stayed a moment longer I would take an axe to the second copier and really be up the creek without a paddle [cunning reference to the first copier's problem]. A frantic call to the former school secretary nets the information that this copier is a sensitive plant and in hot humid weather prefers that we turn on the air conditioner in the copy room at least half an hour before attempting to copy anything. I arrived Friday morning, turned on the air conditioner and went into total problem solving mode. Good thing. I discovered that the problem was the fussy second copier doesn't like Staples copy paper ... it prefers a more up-scale diet of Xerox paper. Nine hundred booklets later, I breathed a sigh of relief.
I leave in a few minutes to set up for 93 darling 13 year olds' Confirmation. My prayer: May God give me patience ... it wouldn't be a good thing to kill John D on his Confirmation Day, to choke childtren [and some of the adult sponsors] who see nothing wrong with chewing gum in Church [guess they haven't heard about fasting before Communion], and I must remember not to strangle any 13 year old girls who think bare legs and flip-flops are appropriate attire for Confirmation.

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