Monday, September 4, 2017

Resuming Monthly Giveaways

I know I just had a blogaversary giveaway but I have decided to return to the practice of announcing a giveaway on the 4th of each month and selecting a winner on the 10th. I thought I'd start by sharing some of my favorite stitching themed charts with my readers.  Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows I enjoy stitching dragons [see here for a gallery post of my dragon finishes.]

Today, I'll be offering the following three charts to one of the readers who posts in the comments below a plaintive tale as to why he or she, much like the beloved Rubeus Hagrid of Harry Potter fame, would like to own a dragon:

Teresa Wentzler's Tracery Dragons
Teresa Wentzler's You Were Hatched
Cross Eyed Kat's Red Snowball Dragon


gwfantasy said...

Dragons are loyal and loving creatures that are very misunderstood. Though very obedient they do have a mind of their own. I would much rather own a dragon than a dog. I would love to ride my dragon as he flies through the air and travel to Pern and fight thread with the rest of the Dragon Riders. I adopt orphan dragons and give them a good home.

Donna said...

I haven't watched Harry potter or read any books of harry potter but I think dragons are cute and they are welcome to stop by if they are in my neighborhood. I would love to adopt a dragon.

thanks donna

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Don't include me in this draw as I already have two of the designs! But I did want to say I always wanted a fire lizard after reading Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey! Dragonsong was the first Pern book I read and I fell in love with Menolly and her clutch of fire lizards.

Anonymous said...

My daughter loves dragons...she owns a bearded dragon I just had to find her a bearded dragon to stitch. Her "patronus" is a dragon.