Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August WIP/UFO Update

During August, I worked on #'s 8, 11, 12 and 22  [as marked in blue] from the list.   That means I have stuck closely to stated goals for August.  I just haven't gotten back into sewing and assembly finishing 
  1. Lori Birmingham's Pansy Garden Nantucket Style Basket (2005 CATS project)
  2. Catherine Jordan's Pretty Picot Edges (2006 CATS project)
  3.  Karen Bovard's Filet Lace (2006 CATS project)
  4. Peyote stitch bracelet (Willow Tree, Boothbay Harbor , Maine)
  5. 2007 Stitcher's Hideaway at Mystic Victoria Sampler projects: a stitcher's pocket, biscornu, needle book and fob
  6. 2009 Stitcher's Hideaway at Mystic Brightneedle's Ghoulies and Ghosts Etui and accessories.
  7. 2010 Stitcher's Hideaway at Sturbridge.  Victoria Sampler's Sturbridge Box and accessories.
  8. 2012 Stitcher's Hideaway Lady Washington Sampler.  The "class" did not involve any stitching but instead covered the research that went into the symbolism of the various motifs and how they referenced Martha Washington's life.  I started working on this 9-28-16 [yes. that's 4 years after the class] and last worked on it on 10-16-16 [see here for photo].  One of the advantages [or maybe it's a disadvantage] of coming back to a design with fresh eyes after a hiatus is that you catch errors and omissions.  I had to undo the entire fan stitch row and restitch it.  I needed to add one more cushion stitch to the pink row above the fans, complete the last two rice stitches in the band above the blackwork and I needed to go back to Row 11 and fill in the diamond stitch pineapples.  I had skipped over them because of an arthritis flare up.  Finally, I was able to work the next band, a row of double star stitches in the lovely WDW Old Glory floss: a faded Williamsburg blue shading into a muted barn red and an aged ivory.   This band, symbolizing the flag of the new nation, was a bit fiddly but only because the extremely soft hand and dense weave of the fabric made it difficult to place the 16 individual legs of the stitch cleanly and crisply, especially since two strands of floss were used.  The stitch is better suited to a more stiffly woven linen or to canvas.   I am up to Band 15, Smyrna Cross and Rice stitched rosebuds. representing the bouquet Martha carried on her wedding day.
  9. 2013 Stitcher's Hideaway Victoria Sampler's Christmas Sampler
  10.  2014 Stitcher's Hideaway Brightneedle Kindred Spirits Sewing Journal.
  11. The Jacobean Elegance afghan - with 7 more squares to be stitched.  
    All the flower blocks are complete. Since I have already posted photos of an individual flower block, here's a photo of the recently completely bud block.

    I'm on a roll with this piece, having completed five blocks in quick succession.  I intend to keep going until I become bored by the repetition.  Even though the bud block is worked from a different chart, the similarity of bud and flower designs is such that, even at my most optimistic, I expect my enthusiasm for this piece to fade after one or two more blocks.  On the other hand. there is a certain satisfaction to be found in finishing one block after another so quickly.  And it is a very easy and relaxing stitch.  So who knows, if sheer momentum continues to carry me forward, this may end up as Mom's Christmas gift this year after all!
  12.   2015 Stitcher's Hideaway.  Making Waves needlepoint project -  made some more progress on the bargello rows.
  13. My own design, Fertile Circles needle book, the back panel needs finishing.
  14. My own design, Beach Find Pansies, to be completed and incorporated into an embellished crazy quilt square.  
  15. Another needlepoint project, Rice Pudding, using many variations of the rice stitch.
  16. Yet another needlepoint project, an Owl, again a project using lots of specialty stitches.
  17. Piper's Christmas stocking  adapted from a Dimensions kit.
  18. Alessandre Adelaide's Zucca.
  19. Encrusted Crazy Quilt Square & Strap
  20. HAED's Tangle Fairy
  21. Owl Sampler, needlepoint
  22. Victoria Sampler Tea Cozy   Still practicing the bullion stitches.  No photos of my pitiful practice swatch, if you please.
  23. T. Wentzler's Logo Dragon
  24. Royal Albert Museum: Art Nouveau Napkin and Napkin Ring.
New Starts: 0
Number of Sewing Finishes:  0


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I remember the Martha Washington Sampler, you were sharing a lot of interesting information about that one.


Your projects are looking good! I'm glad to read that you are back stitching; it must mean you are feeling better. Keep up the great work. Linda E. (Stitcher's Hideaway alum)