Friday, September 29, 2017

Progress Of A Sort

The bell pull hardware arrived and I will be using the brass for Martha.
I did a bit more work on the afghan, but managed to finish only one other block when I had hoped to finish two in that same time.  I'll have to devote more than two days a week to this project if I want a final finish before Christmas.  The rotation is already imploding under its own weight.  I expect I'll simply start each Monday on the afghan and continue with it until a block is complete and then move on to other projects that week, time permitting.

And, though things are better, I am still doing a fair amount of frogging on the Mystic Tuffet.  So, minimal progress there as well.

Though I promised myself a new start in October, I was so demoralized by my lack of progress on the afghan that I pulled the Celtic Dragon Sampler out a few days early just to lift my spirits.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Think happy thoughts ... stitch, enjoy and relax. Hope the frogging is soon a thing of the past.