Monday, September 8, 2014

Town Square SAL

I took a short break from the sampler to work on another one of my monthly goals: catching up to where I should be on my Town Square project.  I missed stitching up one of these charts in August and so have two to stitch in September.  Naturally, I chose the easiest and most straightforward chart to stitch first.  The Quilt Shop by Nancy Pfeifer who, if memory serves, is one of the ladies from Blackbird Designs, is fairly simple and shouldn't take more than another day to complete.  It also had the advantage of being very easy to kit up, having less than 10 GAST fibers.  The other chart I had pulled for the month is Sandi's Sweet Shop [The Sweetheart Tree] which requires scads of DMC, four MH bead packets and a few specialty threads to boot.  It was ever so much easier to start with The Quilt Shop.  I expect the Sweet Shop will be as complicated a stitch as the Cafe du Monde, also from this series, which I had stitched in June and July.


Linda said...

Love the colors in this one.


Julie said...

I'm jus having a catch up read......great new start, easy projects always end up being frogged, great answers by your commenters to the blogoversary questions.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's a nice brick red.

I do like The Sweetheart Tree designs so I'm looking forward to seeing their shop.