Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gremlins At Work

It's been a week of 13 hour days at work and gremlins dancing about at home, gleefully creating chaos ... hence the lack of posts.

When I last posted, I showed a blanket I was making for my expected grand-nephew.  I was diligently continuing work on this project Sunday evening.  I set it down for just a moment, very carefully, I thought.  Even so, the crochet hook slipped from the last loop I had worked.  I heard the soft splat of it hitting the plastic bag at my feet containing my yarn.  Now, you'd think a 7" long pale grey crochet hook would show up easily against a dark maroon carpet, wouldn't you?   When I couldn't find it, I emptied the yarn bag, turned it inside out.  No luck.  Then I did the same with two stitching bags beside my chair.  Still no joy.  I started moving furniture and opening closet doors in case the silly thing had rolled out of sight.  I am sure the household gremlins were dancing about, kicking it away every time I glanced in the right direction, playing a madcap game of soccer.

The result: I couldn't continue the project because I didn't have another hook in that size.  I ended up ripping back what I had done.  I'll start again when I've a chance to start with a  hook one size up or down, after which I will promptly find the lost hook, no doubt.  Still in the mood to crochet, I worked up this baby blanket for Birthright instead.  It will keep some other baby warm as my way of honoring my great nephew.  Now, I'd best get back to making his blanket.

And, since I no longer trust the night time temperatures, I harvested the remaining tomato crop.  The sad and sorry truth is that only four tomatoes ripened on the vine this year.  Not enough sunshine, not enough heat.  And, even adding these 24 partially ripened and green tomatoes to the tally, that makes only 28 tomatoes from four plants.  The lowest yield I have ever had.


Vickie said...

Yes, this year was so odd weatherwise. A challenge in the vegetable garden for me.

Linda said...

Pretty blanket Regina. Cute story about the hook. I've had that happen.


rosey175 said...

I have mixed feelings about this year's weather. I enjoyed the much cooler summer but my tomatoes mostly turned into lusciously leafy bushes hiding smaller than normal fruits. Pretty, but a bit difficult to work with.

Your blanket is beautiful even if a bit unexpectedly timed. I always have to remove cushions and feel around in the depths of my chair. Or trust the cats who are gremlins in their own right. :)

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Your nephew's baby remains in my prayers. The blanket for the charity is darling and the thought behind it better than ever. Bad year for tomatoes here MIL was complaining about it too!