Thursday, May 29, 2014

Still at The Dragon's Tea Party

I'd like to show you a bit more progress on The Dragon's Tea Party.  I have been moving very quickly on this piece and am pleased with my progress.  You can see the guest beginning to take shape, a wizard in purple robes and hat.  The purple is all done in the old discontinued DMC Rayon floss.  Luckily, I had the two purples required in my stash ... something of a miracle since I had only 7 skeins of rayon floss in all in stash.  It's not my favorite thing, being a nasty and slippery fiber.  I am using only 12" lengths of the stuff in an effort to tame it somewhat

I am holding off stitching the wizard's hat's brim and his hair and beard while I decide whether or not I want to use Whispers in white for the brim [thereby turning it into fur trim] and in grey for the hair and beard.  I need to check my stash of Rainbow Gallery fibers to see if I have enough for this project.  If I do decide to use the Whispers, I'll have to stitch them last anyway.  This is hardly a problem since there is so much else left to stitch.


Maggee said...

Amazing how much you can get done when pesky work doesn't interfere! Good progress!

Julie said...

The purple really looks nice with the greens of the dragon.
I have some rayon in my stash, I think I've only used it once and regretted it then!

Linda said...

Nice progress Regina. I so love that pattern.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Looking good! I can see the second little dragonlet you mentioned in your email :-)