Monday, May 5, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Monday

About My Stitching: 

This weekend I got to finish a piece started to fill in  an empty space on the linen I used for my Pineberry Lane pin pillows, A is for Autumn from Elizabeth Designs.  I used the recommended DMC, and GAST fibers with only two substitutions to keep this a "stitch from stash" project.   I didn't have the CC Barrel Cactus but I did have a lovely Catherine Jordan over dyed cotton in a medium olive to a light olive to a golden olive colorway left over from a CATS class that she gave and I didn't have the charted purple for the Rhodes stitched grapes, so I have substituted GAST Hyacinth.

I also worked on my May goals and accomplished a few of them.  I got my monthly Town Square ornament stitched.  This month, it was The Toy Store.  I believe I have mentioned that a number of these charts are outline only affairs resembling nothing so much as a child's coloring book.  I don't care for that look and whenever I stitch one, I modify the chart to suit my preference for solidly stitched designs.  I used the recommended GAST and WDW but added GAST Pineapple Sherbert to fill in the facade of the building.  I had to change the roof line a bit as well as the windows and doors.  Instead of simply outlining the white picket fence, I stitched in a sort of modified bargello in order to get the pointed tops on the pickets.  All in all, it was an interesting exercise in re-making the chart to my liking.

Then, I moved on to my designated new start for May, Homespun Elegance's Owl's Night Out.  Again, I was able to kit this up with only one substitution, CC Poblano Peppers for CC Guacamole, to keep this a "stitch from stash" project.  So far this year, the only stitching purchases I have had to make have been two skeins of DMC.  I am feeling so very frugal.  This is what all the earlier stash building was for: now that my husband is retired and our income is reduced, I can still enjoy my stitching.  This piece is another I am stitching on the Silkweaver Golden Promise 28ct linen.
About my Giveaway:  The winner is Pam from Iowa.  I couldn't resist her explanation that she liked the way the people are charted in primitives.  I shall contact her by e-mail later today.

About My Gardening:  Rain, rain, go away I can't garden in mud and muck.

About the Weather:  I am sick of the fluctuations between 40 degree days and  70 degree days.  I thought Spring had finally arrived three weeks ago when I sighted my first motorcyclist, which is the real harbinger of Spring 'round these parts.  Oddly enough, I saw my first robin three days after the first biker.  In any case, I was expecting days where the weather advanced at a dignified pace from 40 to 50 to 60 to 70 until Summer brought the real heat.  Instead, we are alternately shivering and sweating through Spring.  But mostly I am sneezing uncomfortably through Spring.  I have the distinct impression that 2014, which started with a vile winter, will continue to disappoint throughout the remaining seasons.  I am dreading Summer, which at the best of times is a torturous mix of high humidity and higher temps in the NY metro area.  If the current trend of foul conditions continues, Summer will probably be twice as insufferable this year.


Julie said...

Congrats to your giveaway winner.
You've been working on some lovely projects recently.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations to your winner!

I love the Toy Shop, I don't know what the chart looked like but your version is great.

Dani - tkdchick said...

A for Autumn looks nice