Thursday, May 1, 2014

Assessing April and Setting May Goals

APRIL GOALS: Happily I got considerably more accomplished in April than I did in March.

Current BAP:  Continue to work on Piper's Stocking.  No.
UFO/Class Project:  Finish Bands 6 & 7 of The English Band Sampler.  No.
Town Square SAL: Finished The Bakery and The Shoe Shrine and The Flower Shop, thereby catching up to the annual goal of one Town Square  ornament a month.
New Start: An Easter Egg project on the pastel  orange sherbet fabric.  Finished 4/19/14.
And maybe a few sewing finishes.  Didn't get to these.
 Off Goal Stitching:  Finished Pineberry Lane's Autumn on Marigold Lane, By the Bay Needle Arts 2010 Easter Bunny and  Pineberry Lane's Tansy, Yarrow and Rue sampler as well as the three pin pillows included in the chart pack.

MAY GOALS: I am going to keep the goals list fairly brief this month since a lot is happening in the parish in May: First Communions, Confirmation, May Crowning, Final Exams, Progress Reports, Inventory and Ordering for next year, etc.  I will try to be reasonable and not bite off more than I can chew.  However, in the interest of maintaining a certain freshness and variety in my stitching, I will allow myself a new start.

Current BAP: Continue to work on Piper's Stocking.
UFO/Class Project: Finish up The English Band Sampler.
Town Square SAL: Stitch The Toy Shop.
New Start: Homespun Elegance's Owls' Night Out.
Sewing Finishes: Try to get three or four projects completed.

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