Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Few More Giveaways

I had planned to take my Mom out to an early dinner to celebrate Mother's Day but she wasn't feeling so well and we cancelled our reservations.  Basically, that left most of the day free for stitching  with my only commitment being the 9:30am Mass and the May Crowning.  Quite a lot of stitching got done Sunday with this result..

And I just can't seem to resist new starts.  Once I finished The Pirate's Creed, I kitted up and started Dragon Dreams' A Dragon Tea Party, instead of getting back to The English Band Sampler.  I have every intention of spending two days this week on the sampler but I am really loving all the new stuff I have been doing in recent weeks.  Hence the new start.  I'll show a photo as soon as I have made enough progress to warrant one.

I am in the process of de-cluttering my stash.  Part of that process consists of giving away charts that I have stitched and will not stitch again.  There are only two or three designers whose charts I collect and even fewer charts that I stitch over and over again.  Mostly the do-overs are small ornament charts that make excellent gifts or exchange pieces.

So the end result is that most of the finishes you read about in this blog will soon be followed by a giveaway of that chart.  This week, I will be offering the following charts to my readers;

Elizabeth's Needlework Designs' A is for Autumn.  See the May 5 post for a photo of this sampler finish.

Sue Hillis' The Pirate's Creed.  Note: Since I have used the charm in my own finish, this will be a chart only giveaway.  I expect the charm can be ordered from any shop that carries Sue Hillis charts or from the designer herself.  See above for a photo of my finish.

Homespun Elegance's Owls Night Out.  Note: this is from The Halloween Year series but stands alone as a lovely little Halloween ornament.  See the May 7 post for a photo of this finish.

As with all my giveaways, I ask people to pay it forward by passing the chart to another stitcher once the winner has stitched the piece.  I know I can't enforce that provision but I like to think the honor system works.  To win one of the above charts, leave a comment stating which one you want and why.  If clicking on your user name won't bring me to a profile with your current e-mail address, please leave an e-mail address in the comment itself.  If I can't reach you, I can't send you your chart.  I will choose a winner on Sunday.  Good luck to all who enter.


Rachel S-H said...

That is a cute finish!

Julie said...

Such a great finish.

Linda said...

playberCute finish Regina.


Valhi said...

I would love to stitch The Pirate's Creed by Sue Hillis for our new administrator who said this at her first meeting with faculty :)

Thank you for the giveaway, I will PIF the chart after stitching.

Ak40sarah said...
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Jeanne said...

Love your Pirate's Creed piece - so cute! Don't include me in your giveaway as I'm already drowning in stash LOL.

jhm said...

I would love to stitch A is for Autumn. I love the squirrel and acorns.
I promise that when done, it will go to either our EGA garage sale or another group's table toss (all the charts are "tossed onto a table and we get to pick what we will do).

Thanks for the chance.

tr said...

I love your finishes enter me for A is for Autumn thanks tweety


tr said...

I forgot to put why I wanted is for autumn I love that time of year thanks tweety


Ak40sarah said...

I would love to do Sue Hillis' The Pirate's Creed, thanks for the chance! I also forgot to put why(sorry): Because I think it's funny. =)