Friday, April 18, 2014

An Easter Finish

My colorful Easter Egg Band Sampler is done, a quick four day stitch.  Normally when I finish with a free chart, I destroy and discard it.  But I think I will hang on to this one for a while.  I am imagining alternate versions of it.  Perhaps a pale blue linen with a blue and green colorway over dyed fiber.  Or a very pale geen with a green and turquoise floss.  But most intriguing of all,  I am seeing this done up in jewel toned petite seed beads on a gold linen for a totally over the top Faberge look.  I'll put the chart aside for now while I mull over all the grand possibilities.

Next up is the 2010 Easter Bunny from By the Bay Needle Art.    I kitted this up substituting Crescent Colors, GAST and WDW cotton over dyes for the recommended DMC.

I'm still in a Easter mood.  But I expect that after this bunny, I shall get back to my BAP or UFO.  I genuinely want to finish those up.  It's just that I needed a bit of a diversion.  I am finding that my one project at a time mood dissipates quickly if that one project isn't a Teresa Wentzler.  Her designs seem to be the only ones that capture my attention to the extent of becoming joyful obsessions.  Most other designers become same-old, same-old all too quickly. 


Blu said...

Congrats! It's lovely.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job!!! Happy Easter!

Julie said...


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This looks great. I really like the contrast of the plain thread for the alphabet.