Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yesterday's Stitching Progress

I worked solely on Cedar Hill's Berry Patch Rabbit, as per my planned rotation.  I got a little more than one quadrant of the leaves and berries done.  But an irritating thing happened along the way.  I ran out of DMC 610.  When I kitted this up I could have sworn I had another skein of 610 in my extra floss bag.  Well, it turns out I have two skeins of 611 and three of 612 and one of 613  but I must have misread one of the labels when I decided I didn't need to purchase any more on my last visit to A. C. Moore or to Michael's.  And, with the price of gas being what it is, I am definitely not going to make a run to the other side of the county for one 50 cent item.  It'll just have to wait till I need to shop in the area anyway.  In any case, here is a photo of current progress.

Having learned my lesson, though, I am going to go through my three boxes of bobbin wound DMC and check for other instances of nearly gone colors.  I'll also be checking my stitching rotation bag, particularly the next two or three Town Square SAL projects, to make sure I won't be running out of anything else.  If the list of needed floss is long enough to warrant paying a s/h charge, I'll phone in an order to 1-2-3-stitch.  They have a very quick turn around time and I should have the 610 before the Rabbit comes up again in the rotation.

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Linda said...

How frustrating to run out of the thread but you've made good progress on this piece with this rotation.