Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rearranging the Rotation

At the moment, I am still working on Midnight Moogies and will do so until it is done, done, done ... at which time I will post a last photo, at least until I get around to its sewing finish.

The planned rotation for the end of April was
4/15-17.  Midnight Moogies.
4/18-20.  TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.
4/21-23.  Sewing Finishes.
4/24-26.  The Fiber Shop.
4/27-30. Mystic Smalls.

Well, my urge to finish both The Berry Patch Rabbit and Midnight Moogies  blew that plan out of the water.  Obviously, there wasn't time for The Woodland Angel this time around.   I'll try to get two more finishes in this week so as to meet my monthly goal of three finishes.  Since The Fiber Shop is on my lap doodler frame it is not particularly portable, I'll have to stitch on that at home only.    The Mystic Smalls are easier to carry since I am using my German spring lock hoop for those pieces so they'll get a little extra attention as my travel project from 4/24-26 and as my focus project 4/27-30.

I'll be abandoning my husband to maintain the homestead all by his lonesome - he is already talking mini-pizzas for dinner every night along with Lonesome Dove and Clint Eastwood DVD marathons on the TV - for three days at the end of the month.  I'll be attending a retreat - the religious kind not the stitching kind - and will pack The Mystic Smalls  to stitch in my quiet times.  I may even pack The Woodland Angel in the hopes that I'll have some time to catch up with that one, as well.  That should put me back on track.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

I love that our rotations are not set in stone we can change them whenever we want!