Friday, April 12, 2013

A Change in the Rotation Schedule

I got very little stitching done Tuesday on my  rotation piece, The Fiber Shoppe: just the hour before work.   I have read on a number of blogs that quite a few people are using a three day rotation interval: select four or five projects and work on each one for three days before rotating to the next.  This allows the stitcher to build a little momentum on each project in the rotation.  I tried this and continued to stitch on The Fiber Shop through Wednesday and Thursday with this progress: it's raining outside so please excuse the indoor photo.  The colors are actually a bit brighter than this ... you can get a better sense of the colors in my previous post.  I have reached a point where I will be making a few changes in the chart.  After completing this next row of brick red, the chart calls for stitching the words and date, "Fils.  2006".  Fils being the French word for fiber, I will be stitching the word "Fibers" instead.  After all, these ornaments will be going on a Small Town USA themed Christmas Tree.  I'll also be deleting the date simply because I am not fond of dated Christmas ornaments.  I haven't yet decided whether I will stitch the window glass in Tin Bucket as charted or in Bahama Breeze for a lighter look.  I'll wait until I get all the masonry and window frames and door trim stitched before making that decision.  But my instinct is that Tin Bucket is just too dark and will make the shop look like it's closed for the night.

So now my next rotation will be
4/12-14.  Mystic Smalls
4/15-17.  Midnight Moogies.
4/18-20.  TW's Woodland Angel Christmas Stocking.
4/21-23.  The Berry Patch Rabbit.
4/24-26.  The Fiber Shop.

And once I get The Berry Patch Rabbit done, its place in the rotation will be taken by sewing finishes.


Eva said...

Find the right rotation schedule that is most comfortable for you can be challenging. A few years ago I did 10 hours on each piece before rotating to the next and it worked beautifully. I don't remember why I don't do that anymore, must get back to it!

Linda said...

Great progress and I love your 3 day rotation idea.


Julie said...

I hope your new rotation works well for you.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm doing a four day rotation and its working so well for me! I do four stitching days than calendar days because some days I don't get to stitch and others its ingot enough to even bother counting it as a day!

Claire said...

Hope you get on with the new rotation.